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Cheddar Loves to Lend Money to Small Businesses

For over 7 years now Cheddar Capital has had the opportunity to help hundreds of business owners all of which share the same goal – Capital Strength. Our ability to serve business owners has given us the insight into what business owners need to grow. For many years we have not only funded a large sum of capital but we have also collected enough data to know how to approach each and every owner as they apply for our loan programs.

We believe that our capital has many ways to be used in the business world and so it becomes a continuous issuance of funds where as it used to be only a one-time use of capital.


Business Loans

Unsecured, no collateral loans up to $10 million dollars.

Business Lines of Credit

Revolving, pay as you go lines of credit up to $500 thousand.

SBA Loans

Rates as low as 5.99% APR, 24 to 60 month payback, refinance option up to $500 thousand.

Stop playing Cat and Mouse with Your Bank, Cheddar is Better

Banks are slow or unwilling to lend to businesses unless you meet their strict guidelines including near perfect credit. If you have substantial collateral your bank might be willing to lend but how does that make sense?

Our programs do make sense and will help increase your profits and maximize your business both short term and long term. Renew with us for years to come. We welcome your business as our customer!

Why hundreds of businesses choose Cheddar Capital?

Our company prides itself in transparent, affordable loan programs that, you, as a business owner can get in a matter of hours. Customers benefit from our simple online application and fast approval process.

We are making our internal facts, statistics and much more available to you so you know what to expect when signing up with us!

What else you should know about Cheddar Capital?

Cheddar Capital is a private company based out of Memphis, Tennessee and operates solely to give business owners the ability to grow. Our affordable loan programs allows businesses to advance towards success and reach their financial goals. We hold great pride in our ability to provide personal relationships with each and every one of our customers.




Businesses Funded



Inventory Purchase

Take advantage of the opportunity to save on large inventory purchases. For example, if you’re able to purchase $50,000 worth of inventory for only $40,000 but have only three days to make it happen, you would choose our 12-month 15% loan option, You save over $8,000!


When you want to expand your business and increase net profit, use our 12-month 15% loan option. For example, let's just say you borrow $80,000 and make a profit of $120,000, you’re only paying $12,000 in loan fees. That means you earned $28,000 in profit!