Recent Transactions

If you’re a business owner in need of financial assistance, look no further than our business loan provider services. We understand the challenges and risks that come with owning and operating a business, and our lending options are tailored to help you navigate those obstacles. Whether you’re looking to expand your operations, invest in new equipment or technology, or simply need some working capital, we offer a variety of loan programs to suit your specific needs. With competitive rates and flexible terms, our business loan provider services can help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level. We are proud to have provided over 500 million dollars this year alone to businesses like yours, providing them with the financial resources they need to succeed. Here is a list of some of our recent transactions to give you an idea of how we’ve helped other businesses in your industry. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Transaction Date: May 2023

Business Type: Contractor

Business State: Texas

Amount Funded: $250,000

Purpose of Funds: Inventory Purchase

Funding Program: Term Loan

Same Day Approved and Funding

Samuel, a contractor based in Texas, had several job opportunities lined up for the upcoming busy season, but he needed funds to purchase inventory. He decided to reach out to Cheddar Capital, a financial institution known for its quick and easy loan approvals.

After submitting his application, Samuel received a call from Cheddar Dan, the loan officer assigned to his case. Cheddar Dan went through the details of the loan and explained the terms and conditions in a clear and concise manner. He also mentioned that Cheddar Capital offered aggressive early payoff discounts since Samuel planned on paying off the loan obligation earlier than the length of the term.

Samuel was impressed by the level of professionalism shown by Cheddar Dan and the rest of the team at Cheddar Capital. He was pleased to learn that his loan request of $250,000 was approved within 24 hours of receiving the offer. He was able to purchase the necessary inventory to prepare for the upcoming job opportunities.

With the increase in job opportunities, Samuel was able to grow his business and increase his overall income. He was grateful for the support provided by Cheddar Capital and would definitely use them again for any of his business financing needs.

In the end, the transaction between Cheddar Capital and Samuel was a success, where both parties benefited. Cheddar Capital was able to provide financial assistance to a small business owner, while Samuel was able to take advantage of the upcoming job opportunities and grow his business. And with the early payoff discounts, he was able to save even more money in the long run.

Transaction Date: April 2023

Business Type: Manufacturing

Business State: Indiana

Amount Funded: $200,000

Purpose of Funds: Pay Vendors

Funding Program: Line of Credit

Same Day Approved and Funding

Cheddar Capital, a reputable financial institution, had received an inquiry from an Indiana based manufacturer about a business line of credit to pay their vendors for services and work completed. The manufacturer had an urgent need for funds to keep their operations running smoothly.

Upon receiving the request, Cheddar Capital’s lending team quickly assessed the manufacturer’s financials and credit history. The manufacturer was running a strong business and presented the necessary documentation to qualify for the line of credit.

Cheddar Capital’s team promptly communicated their approval and presented the terms and conditions of the line of credit to the manufacturer. After reviewing and accepting the terms, the manufacturer provided the required documentation.

Cheddar Capital’s team diligently reviewed the documents and approved the line of credit within a few days. The manufacturer was informed that their funds were ready for disbursement.

The manufacturer quickly drew down the funds they needed to pay their vendors, and Cheddar Capital ensured the funds were transferred to the manufacturer’s account within 24 hours.

The manufacturer was pleased with the quick and seamless process, and they appreciated the excellent customer service they received from Cheddar Capital’s team. They were now able to continue their operations smoothly, knowing that they had a reliable financial partner in Cheddar Capital.

Transaction Date: May 2023

Business Type: Security Firm

Business State: California

Amount Funded: $200,000

Purpose of Funds: Payroll

Funding Program: Line of Credit

Same Day Approved and Funding

Cheddar Capital assisted a California-based security firm in securing a credit line. Cheddar Capital considers California’s legal and regulatory requirements in determining the firm’s creditworthiness and structuring the credit line.

The firm, with annual revenue of 5 million, intends to use the funds to help cover payroll. The firm was presented with multiple written offers with clear terms and conditions, allowing them to compare and select the best offer for their needs. The credit line is unsecured, requires no collateral or personal guarantee, and has no early payoff penalties.

Additionally, the terms include low monthly repayments, making it an appealing option for effective cash flow management. The low interest rate of only 1% per month further provides flexibility and reduces borrowing costs. Only pay for what you draw.

Transaction Date: March 2023

Business Type: Medical Provider

Business State: Georgia

Amount Funded: $1,000,000

Purpose of Funds: Expansion

Funding Program: Bridge Loan

Same Day Approved and Funding

My Local Bank Couldn't Help

Cheddar Capital, a financial services firm with offices in Memphis and Dallas, provided a loan to a Georgia-based medical provider.

The provider needed capital to pay for upfront insurance premiums and expansion, but their local bank couldn’t offer the necessary funding due to excessive unresolved tax liens. Cheddar Capital’s bridge loan allowed the provider to secure the needed capital, resulting in a substantial increase in annual revenue from 75 million to nearly 95 million dollars.

“We have utilized Cheddar many times over the years to access large amounts of capital.

They’re just easy to deal with and it’s nice to know there’s a like-minded Southern company out there able to help on our timeline.”

Transaction Date: May 2023

Business Type: Engineering

Business State: Wisconsin

Amount Funded: $50,000

Purpose of Funds: Payroll

Funding Program: Bridge Loan

Same Day Approved and Funding

Timely Intervention Saves Wisconsin Engineering Firm's Payroll

In a race against time on a Friday afternoon at 1pm EST, a Wisconsin-based Engineering Firm faced a critical funding shortfall to meet their payroll obligations. Sensing the urgency, the firm’s CEO, John, sought help from Cheddar Capital, renowned for their swift financial solutions. Within minutes, Cheddar Capital mobilized their experts, gathered the necessary information, and devised a tailored funding plan.

Led by Senior Account Manager Cheddar Dan, Cheddar Capital expedited the funding process, ensuring the transfer of funds to the engineering firm’s account. With payroll secured, relief washed over John and his team, grateful for Cheddar Capital’s prompt assistance in averting a potential crisis.