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What is Equipment Financing?

Maximize the growth of your business by obtaining the equipment you need for your operations. We offer a hassle-free equipment loan to help you finance up to 100% of new or used equipment, such as vehicles, machinery, computers, or whatever else you need. At Cheddar Capital, our equipment financing has helped many business owners for over twelve years. We pride ourselves in affordable, transparent loan programs that provide a simple online application and easy approval process. Applying for equipment financing with us is a fast and easy way to finance your needs. This allows your business to achieve its financial goals and advance towards success. Our equipment financing personnel are ready to help you with any inquiries or concerns. Apply now to receive a call from us and get the process started. Apply Now

Equipment Financing at Cheddar Capital

Equipment Value Up to 100%

Cheddar Capital can help you cover the costs of any equipment up to 100%. Whether new or used, large or small, basic or complicated, whatever you need for your business is financeable.

Interest Rates Between 3.99% to 9.99%

With Cheddar Capital’s low costs and interest rates, you can avoid a large upfront expense and preserve your business’ cash flow.

Loan Terms Up to 84 months

No need to worry about a down payment or collateral when borrowing money. Equipment financing allows your equipment to also act as your collateral.

Get Your Equipment as Fast as 2 Days

We provide fast and easy applications for small business equipment loans. This allows you to purchase your equipment within two days and proceed with your project as planned.
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How Equipment Financing Works?

If you don’t have cash on hand to pay for the entire cost of equipment upfront, a small business equipment loan may be an ideal option. This helps you purchase new pieces of equipment or machinery to get started or boost your business growth for more revenue. Applying for an equipment loan requires you to make periodic payments over a fixed term, including the interest and principal. Equipment financing lets you spread out your payments over a long repayment time, so you can manage your cash flow seamlessly. If your cash flow is intact, you have an option to identify newer equipment that will provide a more positive impact on your business. The loan repayment period can range from 36 months to over a period of 10 years or more, depending on how much you will borrow. Like auto loans, a lien on the equipment may be imposed as collateral against your debt. Once the loan is fully paid, the equipment you own is free of any lien. Failure to repay the loan may result in the lender repossessing your business or even personal assets. That’s why it’s important to review the loan terms carefully and be aware of your risk.

Equipment Financing vs. Equipment Leasing

Aside from purchasing your equipment outright, you can also lease it for an agreed-upon period of time. In equipment leasing, you are paying the owner to rent and use their equipment. It is an ideal financing option if you are planning to buy the equipment and need more flexible payment terms. Equipment leasing does not require down payments or collateral. It may also have lower monthly payments. At the end of the leasing term, you may return the equipment to the owner unless you both agree on renewal terms or transfer of asset ownership. Unlike financing, equipment leasing qualifications are generally less strict. However, it may be a more costly option in the long run, depending on the payment terms at the end. Also, you can consider Section 179’s tax deductions if you own a piece of equipment. This allows you to sell the equipment once you decide that you no longer need it in the future. Contact Our Financing Experts Today

Do You Qualify for Equipment Financing?

Business and personal credit ratings are crucial factors in qualifying for equipment loans. But even if your credit rating is less than perfect, equipment financing can still be a great option since the equipment serves as collateral. At Cheddar Capital, we are willing to fund your high-value piece of equipment, regardless of your finances, to help you increase your business profits.

How to Apply for Equipment Financing?

Applying for a small business equipment loan is a simple and easy process with us. You need to provide relevant documents, including your credit score, tax returns, and bank statements. These will show the financial health of your business. Our equipment financing professionals will also ask for information about the equipment you are purchasing with the loan. Most of our financing applications will require an equipment quote or equivalent documentation of the equipment cost. Our application process at Cheddar Capital can be summed up in three steps:

Apply Online

Apply Online

Take advantage of a streamlined application on our website. We guarantee fast processing, so you can receive funds to purchase your equipment.

Receive Offer

Receive Offer

At Cheddar Capital, we pride ourselves on offering same-day loan approval. After you submit your complete paperwork to our funding team, you can receive an offer within a few hours.

Get Funded

Get Funded

We transfer funds directly to the equipment seller via Wire or ACH. You can now purchase the equipment you need to grow your business.

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