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Unsecured Business Financing: Why It Matters and Why You Should Consider Applying

Unsecured Business Financing: Why It Matters and Why You Should Consider Applying

Unsecured business financing is a sure way to obtain capital through an alternative banking source without requiring the applicants to pledge collateral or a true personal guarantee. Cheddar Capital can help with this. This is what makes the unsecured product a first choice when it comes to business financing. While secured financing might offer lower rates or longer term duration, it also may hamper your assets such as your home or retirement accounts tying you to a long term relationship with the lending bank institution. What if you don’t want to tie up all your hard-earned assets or investment accounts?

A Better Way to Borrow: Cheddar Unsecured Business Financing

Do you want or need your financing today? Did you know the average time to process a bank loan can exceed a month and that’s on the short side. Should you need quick financing for any reason such as payroll, inventory, or equipment you would have potentially lost the opportunity or even worse, been placed in a difficult business situation due to the lengthy decision-making process that several banks still incorporate into their procedures today.

Cheddar offers simple benefits such as quick turnaround time and simple interest. Our average processing time to get a funding decision may be as little as 3 hours and funding within 24 hours. So, if you have an emergency need for funding, who will you call? Cheddar Capital.

How Difficult Is It to Get Unsecured Business Financing?

It’s not hard at all. Our application takes 5 minutes or less and if you’re a real computer wiz you can even apply in less than 3 minutes. Trust us, we’ve seen it done. Apply Now

What Kind of Information Do You Need?

All we require to apply is your basic business and owner information plus your business bank statements. No business plan needed. If your business is seasonal, we might require a few extra bank statements, but nothing unreasonable. With this type of business financing if you have high accounts receivables, we may want to see your receivables aging report. Not too bad right?

Oh and no personal guarantees, have we mentioned that? Seems like a sweet deal to me.

Get Your Business Financing from Cheddar Capital Today.

Cheddar is here for you night or day; we know you’re busy running your business. Apply Now!

In Queso Emergency Call Cheddar at 866-869-6790 or email us

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